Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Google, Inc

Google innovation model

Should Google continue with projects like Project Loon and Google Fiber?

Google should continue with Loon project and Google fiber projects because it will expand its markets to customers all over the world. In addition, it will avail its services to cover all homes and neighborhoods through fiber optic cables and balloons.

If so, is its innovation model sufficient to foster innovation or should it change its approach to innovation?

Google innovation model is sufficient to foster innovation. Below is an explanation on the two projects.

Google fiber

Google fiber is a premise service in United States that offers broadband internet and cable television to small locations. It is a viable business model as announced by Eric Schmidt Google CEO. Google fiber offers free internet option, a 1 Gbit/s internet option, and television services. It offers one terabyte of Google Drive services. Television services are in two terabyte DVR in addition to Google Drive (Google, 2010). DVR records more than eight television shows simultaneously and streams live programs on iPad and Android tablet computers. Moreover, it offers Google fiber internet connections free to its markets in selection of its affordable public and housing properties.

It offers different service plans to its customers. Example;

Plan                                         Gigabit plus TV          Gigabit Internet          Basic Internet

Internet bandwidth

(Download)                             1 Gbit/s                       1 Gbit/s                       5 Mbit/s

Internet bandwidth

(Upload)                                    1 Gbit/s                     1 Gbit/s                       1 Mbit/s

TV service included                        yes                       no                                no

Construction fee                                 none                none                            $300

Cost                                         $130/month

1 TB Google Drive

$70/month        none              none

Storage                        2 TB DVR

(8 tuners)                     1 TB Google Drive                 None

Hardware included     TV Box,

Network box

TV remote control,

8 tuner DVR               network box


Google fiber avoids underground complexity in cabling for last miles by relying on aggregators dubbed Google Fiber Huts. They travel through utility poles into homes and neighborhoods as well as avoiding fire jack in homes (Google, 2010).

Project loon

Loon project began by Google should be continued because it aims at offering internet services above clouds and without borders. Ground terrestrial radios will join to solar-powered balloons that float 12 miles up the stratosphere. The balloons will link to each other forming a mesh network. They would bounce signals following one another until they are ground-based station having internet fiber connection (Singh, 2014). Google will control the balloons through navigation of wind currents with an eventual plan of setting them loose in the sky.

The two innovation methods, Google fiber and Loon projects will foster innovation in that they will be required to use spectrum that are under tight regulation by the governments of the world. In addition, they will have to identify methods of convincing regulators to agree on a band that will unite them or many opt to override on existing bands (Singh, 2014). Example unlicensed air waves used in Wi-Fi.

The above projects are attainable since Google will sell internet and offer it around the globe. It has already been involved in international spectrums and has worked with various governments on offering white space broadband. They will only be required to give statements to various governments on the means of offering such access, its charge, and whom it will connect. However, the only challenge expected is political differences and attitudes on the practice, which might not cause a pause on the project because it has dealt with the same governments before. Secondly Google Company will succeed in introduction of such projects because it knows much on the infrastructure to use.

Google fiber project will be highly appreciated by customers because it offers different service plans to its customers such as free internet options, television services, Google drive services, and streams live programs on Android tablets and iPad. In addition, it has a market selection for its housing and public properties.

What steps should Google take to increase the confidence of analysts and investors in its innovation strategies?

Google requires to increase the confidence of its investors and analysts by investing in a good model through its available key resources and processes. Customer value proposition (CVP) models identify the target customers, jobs, and offering. Google Company model identifies the job to solve problems and fulfill customer needs. It offers solution to problems on sale items. It has a formula on how to gain profits (Rao, 2014). Example a section on revenue model, cost structure, margin model and resource velocity. It should have processes on how to utilize resources such as people, equipment, technology, channels, information, brand, partnerships, and alliances. The processes should include norms, metrics, rules, and processes.

As Google grows even bigger, what should it do to keep its entrepreneurial spirit alive in the company?

Google will maintain its entrepreneur spirit through thinking big but starting small have a goal-oriented mission, struggle to continuously innovate and not wait for instant perfection and search for ideas from other places. They should aim at becoming a platform and fuel information with data obtained and lastly gets up after failing on a project.

Google requires wrapping its business model with good technology. It should combine software, hardware, and service that will add convenience in customers and provide record-breaking profits. The model used should satisfy the needs of the customers at a profit since they are the main target of any business (Rao, 2014). To make the entrepreneurial spirit alive in Google Company the employees need to be fully aware of the business model in use and realize when change is required and requirements for change. Google requires identifying what brings success in the existing model, customer problems solved and means of making money. They should also watch for signals given by the model requiring change or addition of competitors. They should consider reinventing the model only when it is worth.


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