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Cultural Analysis of Denmark With Regards to Introducing American Copenhagen

This research paper needs to include a cultural analysis of Denmark for a company to consider introducing a new product to the country. The product is a pale lager (beer) whose name is “American Copenhagen”. The research needs to include reasoning behind the factors that play a role in why this product may or may not be successful when introducing it within the country (from the United States). The format should be APA style format and include in-text citations along with a citation page at the end. It should be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced. I have included an attachment of the outline of the paper- you need ONLY to focus on the CULTURAL ANALYSIS portion of the outline- not the other 3 outlines. This outline serves more or less as a guide for writing the paper and does not have to be strictly followed (i.e., there may be some bullet points that need not be included in the paper). “The data suggested in the cultural analysis should include information that helps the businessperson make market planning decisions. However, its application extends beyond product/market analysis to an important source of information for someone interested in understanding business customs and other important cultural features of the country.” The body of the paper should primarily consist of paragraphs but may also contain bullet points and headers.

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