Discovering personal traits

Discovering self-motivation (80)

Self-motivation is a state of activation inside a person that leads them to behavior that is directed to certain goals. I have internal drive to complete a given task mostly on my own. I complete my job on time even without supervision. When completing tasks I help others with a positive attitude to work and smile at them (Quality standard task group, 2000). In addition, I concentrate more on my work and remain calm to give the best results. The focus assists to control my emotions and set on my goals. I am always willing to volunteer in projects with or without compensations. Moreover, I quickly offer ideas and other materials like foods and decorations. This score was appropriate according to my trait.

Believe in myself (50)

The scores were the lowest in the area of believing in myself. Reasons being that I am never ready to use my gained skills and talents to get work done and achieved in the best way. Most times, I wait for others to come up with ideas after which I assist them to accomplish them. As a result, I end up having many excuses as to why the job was not done well. My scores were appropriate since I complain a lot when the processes are not going well instead of putting more effort to achieve better results (Quality standard task group, 2000). The habit does not allow me to look for solutions to any problem that arises. Any time I think of a certain decision I delay it or even postpone it because I keep quiet. I am not quick in talking and making decisions because I spend most of the time planning and thinking about a project. As a result, I end up taking all the time, which would have been useful in other areas. In conclusion, I find it difficult to admit that I have made a mistake in any area of the project.



Quality standard task group. (2000). Measuring  success. Self-assessment workbook, 1-30.