Legacy of Luna

Luna has left gained a legacy as a woman who aimed at saving Redwoods. Julia Butterfly hill stepped on the ground on December 18, 1999 after staying on top of Luna, which is one thousand year old, located in Humboldt County in California. It was after two years of staying on top of 180 feet Red Wood tree. Her action of climbing the tree was geared towards stopping destruction of the environment through cutting of trees and ancient redwood tree. Tree cutting had left a vast area without any tree that could hold the soil through its roots at the hill. As a result, a large part of the soil had fallen into Stafford town and wiped many homes.

She endured many challenges ranging from the storms of EL Nino, harassment from helicopters, siege that took ten days operated by security guards from the company and the extreme sorrow coming from destruction of the old forest. Like other winners, she had no idea of many problems that she would face to achieve her goals, she only encountered them on top of Luna tree. There was great loneliness alone on top of the tree and the harshness of those who found no sense of saving environmental destruction.

Moreover, she endured the pain of becoming an eyewitness of the destruction of ancient redwood forests in the world and learning life lessons through experience. Her love for environment, conviction of her heart and determination to effect change of the approach taken made her a heroine. She had great courage to fight for her earth legacy. Julia butterfly left the tree after an agreement to save the tree was made between Pacific Lumber Company and the hill of not clear-cutting the Red wood tree.




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