Monty Python

Monty Python

Over 30 years ago, five Englishmen and one American formed a group that changed the rules of comedy. Monty python first shots were in BBC which was noted as an unheralded, unprogrammed half hour consisting of amusing, sketches, silliness and animations punch lines. The effect of Monty python has been felt ever since. The Monty python has moved from the late night entertainment in British television to an influential movement in modern comedy.

The Monty python members were highly educated and most of their comedies pointed on academic philosophers and other literate figures. The team members’ main aim was to make their humor uncategorisable and silly. To achieve this, they abandoned the traditional sketch show format and adopted an elaborate style that was used by Spike Milligan.

Most of the characters in the series were played by the six members including some female character series. Only when extra characters were needed did the Monty python get new characters.

The Monty python choose the Liberty Bell as their theme song because of the popularity it had. Through their unique humor, Monty pythons managed to take their series into new territories which no one else had explored. Through their unique humorous series, they have managed to create a world where one can get government funding for ridiculous walks or even buy an argument in an argument clinic. The Monty pythons have developed a world where age difference cannot be used as barriers for any sort of argument.

Some of the most popular Monty python popular characters include Michael Palin who feature in several sketches such as ‘The Funniest joke in the World’, Every Sperm is Sacred, The life of Brian and The meaning of the life. According to Palin, joy is very crucial in comedy and is what made most of the people enjoy most parts in the Monty python sketches. This character always wanted to perform something that was reality good and different to make monty python lovers have something different to talk about. Apart from being a comedian in several sketches, monty python’s influence was felt in other areas such as campaigns and musical area. Michael Palin one of the prominent monty python characters once started a campaign for the US presidency and has also participated in pro- Life campaigns such through the python’s number ‘Every sperm is Sacred.’ During his campaigns Michael claimed he was the perfect opposite of his opponent.

Another renowned monty python character is Terry Jones who participated in a number of python’s sketches such as ‘the best Rat-Bag woman inn the business’. This is one of the python’s characters who played all characters including women’s characters with dead seriousness hence presenting insane humor.

Eric Idle is another monty python character who is best remembered as a suggestive, cheeky playboy in python’s sketches such as ‘Nudge Nudge” and as a professional salesman in the “Encyclopedia Salesman.” He was considered the best songwriter and the best song singer in the python’s group.  Idle mostly played female characters like Jones and showed a high level of heave which made him not to look as if he is falsing the character which most of the other characters in python had to deal with. He was the youngest of the python colleagues.

Cleese John was another renowned python character. In most of the sketches, he played silly authority figures. Cleese features in several python sketches such as the ‘Dead Parrot’, Self Defense against fresh fruit and the Ministry of silly walks. In most of the python’s sketches, Cleese played aliens especially Frenchmen with silly accents. At times he used the foreign languages especially French and German in the python’s sketches.

Other characters that have popular traits in the pythons sketches include Graham Chapman, who mainly played as an authority figure such as policeman, teacher, military or even doctor. Terry Gilliam who characterized the unique python’s visual style sing cut-out animations in the monty python sketches.

Monty python members were also involved in a number of stage performances. Some of the sketches that featured in their stage shows include At last the 1948 show and Four Yorkshire men sketch. The stage shows also included pythons songs.

Monty python comedies streaks ahead of time, with great innovation and radical majesty which made their stetches unique and able to deliver the most enduring lifetime sketches.

Some of the funniest monty python sketches include the dead parrot one of the most popular monty python ketches.

The influence of mothy python’s work went beyold comedy witk some of the characters such as Michael Palin being involved in the US vice president campaigns. A brilliant spooler made campaign for  Michael claiming he not only shared similar attitudes with one of the campaigners but has had extra humane attitudes.