Needs Analysis

A Need Analysis can be described as a process or procedure of categorizing and assessing the needs of a community or other well-defined population of persons. The process of needs identification involves the description of “problems” of a target people while providing possible solutions to these problems or challenges (Witkin, 2000). In summary, a Need analysis basically centers on the future, or what ought to be done, rather than on what was done as is the application of most program assessments. Some individuals use the associated term “needs assessment”.

The present work environment globally necessitates that employees be trained in performing multifaceted tasks in an effective, cost-effective, and safe way. Training (a performance development tool) is required when generally employees are not accomplishing up to a particular standard or at a projected level of performance or accomplishment (HR-Guide, 2015).

The Grand Depot Needs Analysis

The backbone of The Grand Depot is the employees that put their efforts each day to make the business work. Because of the significance of the employees and their expertise a needs analysis, an organizational analysis, a team analysis, and a task analysis were done to establish the training objectives. These combined analyses aid in explaining to The Grand Depot employees a more comprehensive analysis of the organization. A measuring system was also established that will be shared, which helps in identifying the objective effectiveness at The Grand Depot.

Needs Analysis and Training Objectives

There are four simple constituents of the organization at The Grand Depot. The four key constituents are retail, the supply centers, the call centers, business offices, and The Grand Depot associates. The Grand Depot provides some training courses to its employees. Amongst these courses are guidance training programs, mentorship training programs, training for promotion openings, and a tuition compensation program that is accessible at all levels of the organization.

For the hundreds of Grand Depot clienteles the retail and sales members are the face of The Grand Depot and symbolize the services and products obtainable at the retail locations with their training and skill. The mainstream of The Grand Depot clients are homeowners with very little experience in painting, renovation, identifying the differences between diverse hand and power tools, and other home renovation or remodel products or procedures. These clients have a boldness of doing it themselves and The Grand Depot depend on on these clients for income and advertising of the products and services provided at the retail locations. Since the retail stores are self-contained and have several departments; it is very vital that the retail members and sales members are well-informed of the products and services providedin their individual departments.

Organizational Analysis

A unified team effort is required on the part of the retail sales members at The Grand Depot in order to make the most of their effectives and client satisfaction. The departments of the store differ and include different tools and other items that are required in home repair or renovation. Due to the multiplicity of departments, services and products, obtainable at the retail locations it is vital for all the members to be acquainted and well-informed of the organization and the departments. Not all the employees will have the knowledge of what the client needs to know but it is vital that the employee is able to link the client with someone that knows, or direct the client to where the products are found.


Team Analysis

The associates of the organization are organized into teams with every single member having a different level of training or experience that provides them with knowledge and expertisepertinent to their departments. Not only is training essential for familiarity of the products but cognitive capability, ability to communicate, and tactics for solving problems are also essential for effective sales memberperformance and acceptableclient service. Cognitive ability is vital to a sales member because he or she needs to be able to process infolinked to the services and products provided by The Grand Depot.

Task Analysis

The task analysis is done by the membersoperating on the floor of the unitsor departments and define the skills, knowledge, and capabilitiesrequired to complete the tasks of a sales member. This is widely known as KSA (knowledge, skills, and abilities).

Measuring system that identifies objectives and effectiveness

The learners’ fulfillment with the training program is one of the elements that was used to measure the training success. Others measuring systems that were used were, the variations in employee expertise level, new knowledge attained, the attitudes about having completed the program, and the efficiency of the training program to meet organizational goals, objectives and anticipations for the organization.


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