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Are some social problems insolvable by policy interventions?

Essentially, I would say that some social problems are insolvable by policy interventions. The module is called Policy Analysis, and therefore the essay is not a normal Political Science essay and should be somewhat technical from the readings too. I am a second-year university student in a very competitive UK university, and I need to get a first class (1:1) for this essay, which from UK university standards is 70 and above. Please aim for an essay of this sort. I have attached a file called “Extremely Important Guidelines” so please follow exactly that. Also, I have attached the 2 lecture notes relevant for this topic. They are two power point presentations so please look at them as it very important. Also, you can write in first person throughout the essay (E.g. In this essay I will, In my opinion etc.). Call me at any time if you have any questions. Thank you so much!

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