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Which Sentence Best Expresses Jack London’s Point of View in His Essay “The Human Drift”?

The Human Drift

The visit card of Jack London has always been essays. Thanks to this short, but deep stories he still, even after his death, one of the most popular authors all over the world.

Why do we love him? Firstly, most people fond of this unique atmosphere of romanticism and adventures which all his books are full of. And secondly, this author always discusses the most important human problems. One of them is opened up in the essay “The human drift”. However, before determining this problem and the main idea of the story, let’s find out what topics affects Jack London at all.

What Do Stories of Jack London Are Usually Centered Around?

In the center of Jack London’s novels and essays are usually people and their relationship with nature. A lot of his works are autobiographical and based on the real stories. He also has touched the sharp social problems and translate important messages throughout the adventurous plot. 

Basic Topics of Jack London’s Stories

The researchers determine 5 types of issues that are opened up in Jack London’s stories. Despite there a lot of autobiographical moments, the author also doesn’t stand aside science, politics and social issues.

His essays and novels include themes of:

  • His own life
  • Darwin theory
  • Human violence and social cruelty
  • Socialism
  • Human-nature relationship

Let’s find which type “The human drift” is related to.

  • Autobiographical Novels. Jack London started to travel from the age of 14. As a sailor, he visited a lot of interesting places in most of the world. He also tried to succeed as a gold prospector. So, as you can see, he had a lot of real stories to tell. They became a base of such novels as Son of the Wolf and  Call of the Wild. They were published at the beginning of the 20th century and show the inspirable battles between humans and nature.
  • Darwin’s Theory. Researchers agree that most of London’s writings partly translate the ideas of Darwin. The adventures of the main characters are often centered around the survival of the fittest.
  • Socialism. Jack London was also fond of Marx’s philosophy. He had a deep passion for social theories and believed that socialism is the best form of the political system. Socialism related issues can be easily found in his early works. While writing about the problem of poverty and hunger, Jack London translated the inviability of the changes in politics and society.
  • Our Relationship With Nature. Several of London’s novels show us the horror secrets of the city’s slums and it is no coincidence. The author reckoned that we, humans, should be closer to nature and return to the land. In his opinion, people who live far away from the cruel civilization have all chances to build a new, perfect societal organization.

This topic is translated in all London’s novels and essays where the main character, man or an animal, return to the origins.

What Type of Problems “The Human Drift” Is Centered Around?

 “The Human Drift”, describes the increasing and decreasing of the population over the years of its existence. The author analyzes how war and diseases impact the number of people and lead us to the thought that the only way to avoid world hunger is by providing socialism.

The plot shows that the author highlights the important social problem of hunger.

So that the main idea of the essay is that hunger is the primary motive that drives humans to wander to greener pastures. And this statement still remains relevant. If you can’t express your thoughts correctly, ask the best college essay writing service for help.