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Which Statement Best Describes the Conclusion of an Argumentative Essay?

best argumentative essay

Such type of task as essays are well-known among the students. Teachers from several educational institutions ( schools, colleges, universities) use them. All such works have a similar structure but the specificity of this structure varies. To describe it you should first determine the essay’s features. So, how does the argumentative (persuasive) essay look like?

Great examples of correct thesis statement are Jack London’s essays. It has a standard organization: introductory sentences, then main ideas and the final part. It represents the issue from both sides: positive and negative. In this type of essay, the author should use arguments and counterarguments ― assurances describing the alternative idea. The best argumentative essay shows a complete picture due to pieces of evidence and data.

Which List Best Describes the Organization of an Argumentative Essay?

The difficulty of creating persuasive composition hiding in an alternative side. It is so difficult to open up it! The students often can’t cope with such a task because equal attention should be given to both pros and cons. Students should consider them objectively, in detail. The best argumentative essay topics require a multi-face view and this feature affects a structure. Usually, it looks like this:

  • The main idea (thesis);
  • The body part;
  • Final part.

There are several requirements. In the beginning, you have to represent your attitude. There should be the main sentences that are backed by background: definitions and relevant data. The best way to start an argumentative essay is to use phrases like “ No doubt ” or “ it is considered …” Try to be creative and use facts that attract the reader.

They may higher your mark. In the next paragraphs research 2 -3 sides and shoot down one of the sides. It is appropriate to use researches, statistics, and facts. However, it is important to avoid unchecked information. The teachers usually lower marks if the facts are not proven. And in the final part represent an obvious and logical assurance summarizing all that was discussed before.

Which Best Describes the Thesis Statement of an Argumentative Essay?

The main thesis is a brief sentence that shows a particular view. As a rule, the thesis completes the first part. Having familiarized me with these sentences, people will be more interested in further text.

The brief statement should be clear, contains the essence of the paper and explains its actuality. It is not so easy to formulate it! Teachers advise practicing regularly on the best topics for argumentative essays. 

Which Statement Best Describes the Body Paragraphs of an Argumentative Essay?

It is clear that a key feature of this work is representing the pros and cons of the issue including pieces of evidence and сontrarevidenses. It’s not easy because most topics are extremely controversial. Just look at the best argumentative essay topics or best states pope’s opinion for college. All of them affect various social issues.

In this case, the body parts can be described by the next sentence ― they open up several arguments and comprise counterarguments to the chosen point of view. Let’s find out how to write the body part that will match this statement.

  • Prepare for the writing. Look in the library for books and articles. Use only reliable sources on the Internet. Find sources which reflect all existing approaches on this subject.
  • Select links that similar to your point of view. Justify your thoughts, backed by references to serious scientific work. Link to serious work written by experts in the field.
  • Use different strategies to support your assurances. In the traditional approach, you should use key arguments supported by numerous evidence. You can also include several opposite sides.

Which Statement Describes the Conclusion of Argumentative Essay?

The conclusion is the shortest part. It has to be conscious and represent the author’s point of view. It can be described as a part which covered the most topicality arguments. Take into account: people always remember the last read information. Put more effort to make it interesting.

In brief, all parts of the persuasive essay aim to represent the situation from various sides. However, the conclusion as a final part should be the most compelling and memorable. Practice more to formulate it this way! Use the best topic for argumentative essays to improve your knowledge. If your article is logical, and the conclusion is short and conscious, you will get only high marks.